"My children have attended Deane College for both weekly grind classes and Easter Revision courses. Martin and Jerry have consistently delievered excellent results in a caring and supportive manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Deane College."


"My kids have been going to Deane College for about nine years. I have sent 4 of my daughters into their maths grinds. Two of them greatly improved their maths results in their Leaving cert and they have gone on to do great college courses. My other two daughters are doing their leaving cert this year and are finding the classes a great help. All of my daughters enjoyed their time at Deane College."


"I enrolled my son Matthew in Deane College for LC 2020.to help him to achieve his goal of achieving an accounting course in UCC. Matthew found teachers at Deane College helped to explain and clarify concepts he found difficult. He found the lessons always practical, relevant and the notes were concise and informative and were invaluable in helping him to achieve his goal. He is now happily studying Accounting in UCC. Both Matthew and I would highly recommend Deane College and believe his decision to attend greatly contributed to his success."

SiobhÁin UÍ Choinnigh

"My two daughters did maths and english grinds in Deane College for 5th and 6th year. My third daughter is currently in 5th year and is now doing weekly maths grinds.At Deane College the teachers are excellent. Jerry and Derek are very professional and the lessons are rewarding. I could not imagine finding a better college for my girls to boost their confidence and morale and provide them with quality classes.The dedication of the staff is more than anyone could ask for. My daughters got very good results in their leaving certs. One of my daughters is in her final year in DCU and the other is in her first year in college in London. Both enjoyed going to grinds and the maths and english classes were exceptional. They felt prepared for their exams and knew what to expect. I am delighted I found Deane College and I would highly recommend the college to any student looking for support and wanting to achieve their grades."


"I first went to Deane College to attend group classes during transition year. I found Jerrys way of teaching and explaining very helpful and decided to continue with one to one classes for 5th and 6th year. Due to the extra help I was well prepared for my Leaving Cert exam. I would strongly recommend Deane College."


"Our daughter attended maths grinds for her Leaving Cert in 2016. The teaching she received was wonderful. The one to one classes were insightful and covered in depth certain areas that would not otherwise have been available to her. Her attendance at Deane College helped her to achieve her goal of reaching the points she needed to study medicine in UCC."


"I first came across Martin and Jerry in 1985 when I myself attended ABC Tuition Centre before the name was changed to Deane College. I attended for two years to bring my Irish and Maths to a pass level. What started as a chore slowly became enjoyable as they made learning interesting and enjoyable. I also did revision courses in addition to the weekly classes. To my surprise I achieved honours in both subjects a far cry from what I went in with. Fast forward 17 years to my daughter needing help in the same subjects for her leaving cert and there was nowhere else I was willing to send her. She received the same level of expertise and guidance that I received and this ensured she got the points she needed for college. When she finished my son started in first year and he needed help with english and maths. Deane College provided him with one to one and group classes over the next six years. The TY maths class he found extremely beneficial and gave him a head start going into 5th year. He approached the leaving cert with confidence from the extra help he received from Martin and Jerry. With their help and guidance he achieved well above his required points for college. Such is the confidence he has in Deane College he is still attending maths classes to keep his college maths at a high level. I have recommended Deane college to many of my friends and have no hesitation in doing so as their experience and knowledge is second to none."


"My experience at Deane College was a positive one from the get go. I received top quality grinds in LC Economics which included key information and top tips with the aim of achieving the highest grade possible. I was aware of Deane College and the wide range of subjects on offer as my sister had attended for LC maths grinds a few years ago. When I began to struggle with economics I knew by attending Deane College for grinds I would be in safe hands. The notes I recieved were very helpful in my study and revision and helped me to do very well in my Leaving Cert. I would highly recommend Deane College to any student looking to improve their grades and hoping to reach their full potential in the Leaving cert."


When I decided to do biology as an extra subject for my LC in 2022 the workload was very daunting and I knew it would be a big challenge. However the concise notes and advice on how to approach the exam provided by Deane College allowed me to fully grasp the subject and were of great help in helping me to get a H1 in my LC. I also attended Deane College for maths grinds. At the start of 6th year I was not confident that I would even pass higher level maths.I don’t know how I would have managed without the grinds provided in the exam focused setting of Deane College. The teachers provided their knowledge and experience and helped me to achieve a H2 in my leaving cert. 


"At Deane College Jerry worked with me in 5th and 6th year to prepare me for my leaving cert. He explained every topic clearly, gave detailed notes and ensured I was prepared for all my term exams and especially for my Leaving cert in 2021. I was delighted with my final result and the excellent support I got from Deane College." 


"Both my children attended Deane College for maths grinds with Martin and Jerry. I can recommend Deane College and from experience both of mine loved the individual support they received. They were encouraged to ask questions and they never found it a chore to attend as they knew the help would benefit them. Their LC results reflected this. I have no hesitation in recommending Deane College."


"Deane College is an excellent centre for tuition in many subjects. Both of my sons attended over a number of years.The teachers are experienced, very patient, motivating and always very approachable to give advice.Tuition is given individually or in small size classes according to the needs and level of ability of each student. I was particularly impressed by the progress reports sent out at the end of each term. Both my sons attended JC and LC revision courses. the course notes were excellent and the courses were great value for money. I would strongly recommend Deane College. Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish Jerry and Martin continued uccess in the future." 


"All three of our children attended Deane College for JC and LC revision courses and one to one grinds in Leaving Cert maths.We would say that without doubt these courses helped to improve all their grades, In particular our youngest son who achived a much higher grade than we expected due to the grinds with Martin. 


The notes were concise, clear and of excellent quality Teachers were very good at simplifying and breaking down problems to help students understanding Class sizes were small which allowed good engagement revision courses wee good value for money." 


"To Jerry and Martin. I am writing to thank you and the rest of the teachers at Deane College for the help I received when I came to you for a revision course last Easter. I took a week-long revision course in honours French, Irish and Physics and found them very exam-focused and helpful. I achieved A1 grades in Honours Physics and Honours French, and an A2 in Honours Irish thanks to your help. I'll be recommending your course to everyone I know! Thank you."


"I would like to thank everyone at Deane College who helped me to prepare for my Junior Cert examination. I attended the Easter Revision Course and I found it to be a great help. I attended for five subjects and was delighted with the teachers who explained everything very simply, which helped with my understanding of the subjects. The notes were very helpful in that they were directed at the topics which feature most often in the exams. This made my work on the exam papers in the last term very productive. I was very pleased with my results and they reflect, I believe, my interest in and enthusiasm for my subjects, and that interest was fuelled by the confidence that was instilled in me by your teaching and revision notes. Thanks once again for all of your help."


"Before attending Deane college for maths grinds, maths was by far my worst subject. I went to grinds for the last two years of secondary school as I wanted to maximise the results I got for maths for my leaving cert so I could get my first choice on the CAO. At the beginning of fifth year I was getting H5s in my maths exams but after attending two years of their grinds I humped to a H2 in my actual leaving cert, which I thought wasn't possible for me at the start. I would recommend Deane College to anyone struggling with maths as they can truly help you improve your results and make you feel fully prepared for the exams without any stress."


"My three daughters attended Deane College for Leaving Certificate Maths grinds 2017-2021, each receiving excellent support which can be attributed to final grades and third level entry points achieved to courses in Commerce and Engineering. Teaching methods were extremely effective. A very professional service which I would highly recommend without hesitation."


"I would strongly recommend Deane College. I started one to one maths grinds with Jerry at the start of 6th year, every second week, and they were a great help. I'd arrive each week with a few past paper questions and by the end of the hour, I had the clearest understanding of each topic. I always felt that Jerry and I were solving the problems together, rather than him standing at the board, lecturing down to me. Leading up to my Leaving Cert and even the weekend between the two maths papers, Jerry was always extremely accommodating and would squeeze me into any free time he had available. I also had a couple of one to one accounting grinds with Sarah. These were a great help for clarifying certain ideas that were a bit vague in class. I would recommend Deane College to anyone and everyone."


"I attended Deane College for my LC in 2023.I attended Maths grinds with Jerry from September to June.The classes were engaging and we always focused on the topics I found most difficult. As a result my grade improved throughout the year. In class we worked on theory and exam questions. I felt confident going into the exam after my classes with Jerry and I was delighted with my Maths result I would highly recommend Deane College."

Rebecca Cullinane LC 2023 HL Maths H2

"I attended Deane College during 5th and 6th year. I had decided to do history as an extra subject for my LC. This was a major decision as it added significantly to my workload. However with just an hour per week Jerry managed to cover the history course. I received top quality tutoring with plenty of high quality notes. In particular during my project Jerry was extremely helpful in offering advice and direction. Thanks to Deane College I received top marks in history in my leaving cert exam. A H1 in history was exactly what I aimed for an I was delighted with my result."

Ronan Harrington LC 2023

"I wish to convey my sincere thanks to Jerry for making maths such a positive experience for my daughter Aoife. The guidance and support she was given in 5th and 6th year was exactly what she needed to boost her confidence. She was delighted with her LC result and totally accredits this to your tuition. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Deane College and best wishes for continued success in the future."

Martina Lynch (parent).

"I went to Deane College for maths grinds two years and it dramatically improved my results, helping me to get a very good result in my leaving cert maths exam. In addition I attended Irish grinds in January of 6th year and I went from nearly dropping to ordinary level to achieving a very good result at higher level. I would highly recommend going to Deane College for maths and Irish grinds as it was incredibly useful and Jerry and Martin are great teachers."

Adam Twomey LC 2023 Maths H3 and Irish H3

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