Gaeilge Honours Leaving Cert Exam Tips

Adjustments for 2023

Paper 1
⦁ No change.

Paper 2
Q.1 Reading Comprehension
⦁ No change.

Q2. Prose ( Short stories)
⦁ Answer 1 of the 2 questions.

Q3. Poetry
⦁ Answer 1 of the 2 questions.

Q4. Extra literature ( An Triail, A Thig ná Tit orm etc.)
⦁ No change.

⦁ In the Listening Test make sure you answer every question, guess if you have to.
⦁ Learn vocab in relation to climate change, job applications, countries, counties, technology.
⦁ Practice the past test which are available on
⦁ Read the essay titles carefully, be sure you can write two and a half pages before you start.
⦁ Make a plan of your paragraphs before you start.
⦁ Write simply, the marks are for correct Irish, not sophisticated Irish with many mistakes.
⦁ Learn some seanfhocail (proverbs) and use throughout the essay.
⦁ For the poetry question, make sure you know the name of the poet and three pieces of information about their life and work.
⦁ Study the past papers the questions on the poems and the short stories are repeated often.
⦁ Above all write as much as you can even if you are not sure what the question means.

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