Business Leaving Cert Higher Level Exam Tips

Adjustments for 2023 exam

  • Short Qs - answer 8 out of 12
  • ABQ - no adjustment
  • Long Qs - answer 4 out of 8


Exam duration is 3 hours (180 mins)

Recommend timing -

  • Short Qs (34 mins)
  • ABQ (36 mins)
  • Long Qs (25 mins each)

Allocate 10 minutes to fill in your details on answer book(s)/read the paper/choose questions/prepare to hand up your answer book(s)

Layout of the paper - be very familiar with the layout of the paper so that you are answering the required number of questions within each section

Order of answers - answer short questions first, followed by the ABQ, then the long questions

Structure your answers for the ABQ and long questions. Do not write lengthly paragraphs without structure. Use bullet points to break up your answers.

How much do you need to write? For each question, decide how many points you need to give based on the marks. Unless otherwise stated, you must provide one developed point for each 5 marks awarded. Eg, if a question is worth 20 marks, you must provide 4 developed points in your answer. For each point you must state, explain & provide an example (roughly write 4 lines for each). For the short questions fill in all the space provided.

Refer to past exam questions - each time you study/revise a chapter/unit

Prioritise the units on which the ABQ is based - you will be answering short & long questions on these units also

Diagrams - practise regularly, use a pencil/ruler, don't forget to label

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