Accounting Leaving Cert Higher Level Exam Tips

Adjustments for 2023 exam

  • An additional alternative Q1 will be provided
  • Q5 will be on Interpretation of Accounts
  • No other adjustments


Exam duration is 3 hours (180 minutes)

Answer each chosen question within the recommended times as follows -

  • Q1 (52 mins)
  • Q2/3/4 (26 mins each)
  • Q5/6/7 (42 mins each)
  • Q8 (34 mins)

Allocate 10 minutes to fill in your details on answer book(s)/read the paper/choose questions/prepare to hand up your answer book(s)

Layout of the paper: be very familiar with the layout of the paper so that you are answering the required number of questions within each section

Practice your work regularly - use worked solutions to check your answers. Aim to complete your answer within the recommended time

Learn off templates/layouts for questions where relevant

Have a system for approaching each question type

Show your workings/notes very clearly and link them to your final answer - the examiner will refer to them when allocating marks

Theory - don't omit the theory questions which are often asked at the end of the question, they are worth valuable marks

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