Written Examination

Candidates may answer the question in the usual way if they wish


Section 1: Answer the DBQ as normal.

Sections 2 & 3: answer three questions from any two topics in Section 2: Ireland and Section 3: Europe and the Wider World.

This means that candidates would answer two questions from one of their chosen topics. A candidate could decide to answer any one of the following combinations:

  • Two answers from one Irish topic and one answer from a topic in Europe and the Wider World.
  • One answer from one Irish topic and two answers from one European topic.
  • All three answers from two topics in Europe and the Wider World.

Exam duration is 2 hours and 50 minutes or 170 minutes.

  • Make sure you know your options.
  • Timing is key. You will have about 40 minutes per question.
  • When revising over the next few months, practice writing essay style answers.
  • Make sure your historical information is accurate. FACTS = MARKS
  • Don't worry too much if you cannot remember exact dates - having events in the correct chronological order is more important.

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