Mathematics Honours Leaving Cert Exam Tips

Adjustments for 2023

Section A (150 marks)
Concepts and Skills
⦁ Answer 5 of the 6 questions

Section B (150 Marks)
⦁ Answer 2 of the 3 questions

Section A
⦁ You should spend 15 mins on each question.

Section B
⦁ You should spent 25 mins on each question.

⦁ Read the questions carefully.
⦁ Always check your answer within the context of the question. For example if calculating
⦁ an interest rate in Financial Maths and your answer is 65%, there is clearly a mistake in your calculations.
⦁ Always make some effort to answer, any attempt towards the answer will get marks.
⦁ A blank box gets zero.
⦁ If you are missing a piece of information but know how to do the question, make up the missing piece of information and arry on.
⦁ Be sure to know which formulae are in the Formulae & Tables book (Log Tables) and more importantly which formulae are not. these must be learned.

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