Written Examination

Part One - Short Questions - 80 Marks

There are 12 short questions on the paper and candidates attempt 10 (each question is worth 8 marks).

Part Two - Structured and Essay Questions - 320 Marks

Canditates must attempt four questions. This must include one question from three of the sections below:

  • Section 1: Patterns and Processes in the Physical Environment (Questions 1-3)
  • Section 2: Regional Geography (Questions 4-6)
  • Section 3: Electives (Questions 7-12)
  • Section 4: Options (Questions 13-24)

The fourth question can be from any section.

The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 50 minutes or 170 minutes.


  • Know your options
  • Answer short questions first
  • Timing of your answers is key
  • Make sure to practice writing exam questions when revising over the next few months
  • Use pencil for diagrams and maps. Keep them simple - don't waste time colouring
  • Practice reading and analysing bar charts, pie charts, tables and diagrams as you will gain easy marks

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